Empire Axe LE – Carbon


This Empire Axe paintball marker is equipped with the best add-ons Empire Paintball has to offer.  The Empire Axe LE Carbon has bright polished aluminum accents with carbon fiber wrapped body and matching Super Freak tip. The Redline foregrip and board offer customizable settings and an OLED screen. The new feedneck borrowed from our brand new tournament marker, the Empire Vanquish.  The Super Freak barrel includes a matching carbon fiber, 3 inserts, and a custom milled back.  This Axe has everything you need to win, just like VICIOUS, and Infamous who won events with the Axe in their hands.

  • Redline foregrip
  • Carbon Fiber Super Freak
  • Unique Push Button Bolt Removal System For Easy Maintenance
  • Empire Relay Regulator
  • Magnet Returned Bearing Trigger
  • Integrated Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes
  • Low Pressure Operation is Gentle on Paint
  • Through Grip Air Transfer Means No Hoses to Crimp or Break
  • New clamping Vanquish style feedneck

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