Q. What are the requirements to become a sponsored team?
A.  Your team must consist of a minimum of 5 players and we ask that your team loves and respects the sport and that you guys practice hard.


Q. Is there an age requirement?
A. We do not have an age requirement, however if you or any one on your team is under the age of 18, we ask that you talk with your parents before signing up. As well as provide a contact for your team that is over the age of 18.


Q. How does this sponsorship work?
A. Once you are approved, we have discounted team packages that you would purchase and receive through us. From there we help you out with paint at all National PSP events along with other perks! Also, once we have your team picture, we post you up on our website and social media.


Q. Is there anything we have to do after we are sponsored and purchase the team packages?
A. All we ask that you represent us well and help grow paintball.


Q. Do you sponsor individuals?
A. Sorry, we only sponsor teams.


Q. Do we get any other discounts on anything else?
A. Yes, your team will get discounts on a number of add-ons that will be provided with the package details, any items on the event show truck, and also have special access to our Road Crew promotions at every PSP event. Our Road Crew promotions will be for limited time only and are specials your team won’t want to miss!


Q. Is there a time frame that we need to purchase the packages by?
A. You and your team have 60 days from the date of your acceptance email to purchase your package and submit your team photo. If you do not get the packages or photo in time, you and your team would have to re-apply.     


Q. How much are the packages?
A. You will receive package pricing once you are accepted.


Q. Where do I buy these packages for my team?
A. Upon acceptance, you will purchase your team packages through the sponsorship coordinator that will be in contact with you.


Q. Do we have to purchase five sets?
A. Yes, our packages are designed for teams of 5 players or more.  You can buy additional packages but you can’t buy less than 5 sets.


Q. Do you customize jerseys?
A. Yes, we offer customizable jerseys based off our Empire templates. You can choose any colors as well as provide us with the desired logos, names, and numbers you want on the jerseys. Contact the sponsorship coordinator for more details.


Q. Can we purchase anything at a discount from Empire/ Empire BT/ JT?
A. Yes, there are JT packages available upon request and once you have purchased your initial packages, you will receive discounts on a number of “add-ons” as well as all goods on the event show truck at PSP events.


Q. Can we customize the package to fit our team needs?
A. We cannot adjust the packages.  We know that every team is different and have many different types of packages for this reason.


Q. Does the team have to buy all the same set?
A. Yes, we require that the team looks uniformed, so everyone who have to purchase the same package and color scheme.


Q. Can we get stickers?
A. Sure, just email us and send your address at


Q. Can we use your logo on our own team banner?
A. Of course! Just email us at