32 Degrees Paintball

32 Degrees paintball - Empire Legacy Brand PaintballNational Paintball Supply (NPS) began as a distributor of paintball products, and as they grew, they expanded into manufacturing their own products.  To fill some needs in the marketplace, NPS, began to make paintball accessories and sold them under the 32 Degrees brand through their distribution network.

The 32 Degrees products were successful and in subsequent years, the product line expanded to cover all segments of the paintball industry – air systems, soft goods, markers and paintballs.

In 2006, NPS merged with Pursuit Marketing Inc (PMI) and that new company became KEE Action Sports.  Under KEE, 32 Degrees was discontinued in favor of the Extreme Rage brand, which had a larger market presence.

Many of the original 32 Degrees products were re-branded under other KEE brands and some are still available today.

32 Degrees